Round 1
1. Ad Rock, Mike D & MCA are the 3 members of which group?
2. If you were walking down Bourbon Street, which city would you be in?
3. In which year was John F Kennedy shot?
4. Which sport has the largest playing field in area?
5. Which song begins with the line “I am he as you are he, as you are me and we are all together”?
6. Of the following words, which one is NOT an acronym: Radar, Laser, Neon or Scuba?
7. In which Argentinian province are the Iguazu Falls?
8. Shakespeare’s classic tale of love, Romeo & Juliet, is set in which Italian city?
9. What are Columbia, Discovery, Challenger, Atlantis & Endeavour?
10. How far above sea-level is the South Pole? 35m, 1,248m or 2,835m?

Round 2

Take the first letter of each answer and rearrange them to form a topical 10-letter word.

1. The Bobcat is a type of which type of wild cat?
2. Kabul is the capital of which country?
3. What was the name of the German code machine that the British captured and decrypted in World War 2?
4. Which Japanese car manufacturer is part –owned by Renault?
5. How many times has Roger Federer won Wimbledon?
6. How is singer Reg Dwight better known?
7. Nashville is the Capital of which US state?
8. Yehudi Menuhin is well-known for playing which instrument?
9. FE is the chemical symbol for which metal?
10. Trent Reznor is the lead singer of which group?

Round 3

1. Davis Love III is a professional in which sport?
2. True or False – James Dean was killed in a car accident on Valentine’s Day 1955
3. How many ventricles does a human heart have?
4. Who is Tom Cruise married to?
5. Which group won the Grammy last night for Best Album?
6. In which country was Charlie Chaplin born?
7. Sacher Torte is a well-known cake first made in the Sacher Hotel – in which European Capital is the Sacher Hotel?
8. Name Dante’s Love who guided him through Paradise in the Divine Comedy
9. True or False – The same architect designed the Abasto Market building and La Bombonera
10. The world’s oldest parliament, The Althing, is in which country?

Round 4
1. “Love Is All Around” was a huge hit in 1995 for which group?
2. Who became briefly involved with an Australian surfer named Blaine after splitting up with Ken Carson in 2004?
3. Which British landmark now stands in Lake Havasu City, Arizona?
4. Which country won the first Men’s World Basketball Championship in 1950?
5. Which country is the current Men’s World Basketball Champion?
6. In which country is the kopek part of the currency?
7. What is the minimum age required to be US President?
8. Who wrote Alice in Wonderland?
9. How many normal-sized bottles are contained in a Methuselah?
10. At which temperature do the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales match?

Round 5

1. Between 1993 and 2001 where did Socks the cat live?
2. Which 2 actors played The Blues Brothers in the 1981 movie of the same name?
3. Name the Spanish tomato soup, served cold.
4. The name of which physical activity comes from a Sanskrit verb meaning ‘to control’?
5. Italy has 20 regions – which region is the “toe”?
6. According to its scientific name, which animal is a “camel coloured like a leopard”?
7. Argentina is the 8th largest country by land area in the world – which country is 7th? India, Kazakhstan or Australia?
8. Which artist is famous for his paintings made to look like scenes from comic books, such as “Whaaam!”
9. How many substitutions are allowed in an International Football match under FIFA rules?
10. Which Uruguyan city is named after the number of heroes that liberated Uruguay from Brasil?