Round 1
1. In Internet speak what do the letters URL stand for?
2. What is the name of the scale used to measure the strength of earthquakes?
3. What colour is Homer Simpson’s car?
4. How many Senators does the Argentine Senate have?
5. “To Infinity & Beyond” is whose catchphrase?
6. In which country is Mecca?
7. To the nearest mile (or kilometre), how long is a marathon?
8. “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” Is the first line of which novel?
9. Who was the Roman God of the Sea?
10. In which country is the most northerly point of the South American mainland?

Round 2

1. Which famous director is uncle to actor Nicolas Cage?
2. Name the 3 longest rivers in the world (1/2 point for each)
3. In which city are the Nobel Prizes (except the Peace prize) awarded?
4. In which city is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded?
5. If you were flying to the USA and your luggage had a label with the letters ORD on it, which airport would you be flying to?
6. True or False: Traffic in Barbados drives on the left.
7. TAP is the national airline of which country?
8. The drug Sildenafil citrate has satisfied millions of men (and women) all around the world. Under what name is it sold?
9. Interlagos is a Formula One racetrack in which country?
10. By which name is author Samuel Clemens better known?
11. Who was the first US president born in the 20th Century?

Round 3

Take the first letter of the first word of each answer and rearrange them to make a Capital City

1. Dave Grohl was the drummer in which band?
2. Who was US President throughout the 1st World War?
3. Which station is between Saenz Peña & Piedras on the A Line of the Buenos Aires subte?
4. Complete the name of the American Football team, The New York ….
5. In the TV show Friends, what is Joey’s last name?
6. Which island, also known as Rapa Nui, is famous for its large carved heads?
7. The chemical symbol for which element is Pb?
8. How many of the Wonders of the Ancient World still exist today?
9. Which is the largest Muslim country in the world by population?
10. Trenton is the state capital of which US State?

Round 4
1. What is the first letter of the Greek alphabet?
2. “Please allow me to introduce myself” are the opening words to which song?
3. What was retired from service last week after 27 years of active duty?
4. Which drink advertises itself as The Real Thing?
5. In which country was Hitler born?
6. In which Argentine province is the town of Puerto Madryn and the Peninsula Valdez?
7. If you need to buy something for 95 centavos, what is the smallest number of coins you can use to pay the exact money?
8. What is the official language of the Vatican City?
9. Which country has the oldest flag in the world; Denmark, Norway, England or France?
10. Prior to German Re-unification, what was the capital of West Germany?

Round 5

1. Gargamel is the enemy of which group of creatures?
2. Which bodypart is known as the patella in Latin?
3. The Tivoli Gardens are an amusement park in which European capital?
4. What is the name of the small landlocked country between France & Spain?
5. The cover of which famous album has a picture of a beam of white light being refracted through a prism?
6. Designer John Galliano was recently sacked from which Fashion House for making anti-semitic comments?
7. Which is the largest lake in South America?
8. Who won best Actress at this years Oscars?
9. The Galapagos Islands belong to which South American country?
10. The name of which pasta translates as “little worms”?