1. Who plays Dr House in the TV show of the same name?
2. Which country recently won the Cricket World Cup?
3. Which Buenos Aires square used to be called Plaza de los Portones before being renamed in 1908?
4. The wine-producing town of Cafayate is in which Argentina province?
5. Clean, Jerk & Snatch are terms in which sport?
6. What do the letters NASA stand for?
7. In which country is the most westerly point of the South American mainland?
8. 6 countries have hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics – name 3 of them.
9. How many official languages does Bolivia have? 1, 5, 19 or 37?
10. Epernay is a town in which French wine-making region?


1. Which European country was known as Hibernia by the Romans?
2. What is name of the lead character in the book, “The Hobbit”?
3. Which mythical, muscical road ran from Chicago to Santa Monica in California?
4. Absolute Zero is zero degrees on which scale?
5. Mexican painter Diego Rivera was married to another painter. Who?
6. Which city was the original game of Monopoly based on?
7. Who was on the cover of the first edition of Playboy in 1953?
8. In which country did Che Guevara die?
9. How many stars does the Australian flag have?
10. In skiing, what is a mogul?


Take the first letter of the first word of each answer and rearrange them to make the name of a US President

1. Which planet is 6th farthest from the sun?
2. David Byrne is lead singer of which group?
3. Olympic Airways is the national airline of which country?
4. In Dante’s Inferno, how many circles does Hell have?
5. What is the national colour of the Netherlands?
6. Which chemical element accounts for over 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere?
7. In children’s literature, Christopher Robin has a toy bear – what is his name?
8. What is Batman’s butler called?
9. What is the name given to ice houses built by eskimos?
10. What is the state capital of Hawaii?


1. In Samuel Beckett’s famous play what are Vladimir & Estragon doing?
2. Into which body of water does the western end of the Panama Canal open?
3. Name the 3 countries in the United Nations beginning with the letter F (in English)
4. What is the name of the pan used to make a Paella?
5. What do the letters FARC stand for?
6. By which name is Allen Konigsberg better known?
7. In which year was President of Chile Allende overthrown?
8. What are the letters used in the keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Copy & Paste?
9. Fiumicino is the main airport of which European captial city?
10. A Basho is a tournament in which sport?

1. Which South American countries do not have a border with Brazil?
2. In which year did Carlos Gardel die?
3. True or False, the company Google is named after a very large number.
4. Only one word in the English language begins and ends with the letters “und”. What is it?
5. Andorra is bordered by which 2 European countries?
6. How many engines does a Jumbo Jet have?
7. What is the name for a word or sentence that reads the same backwards or forwards?
8. What is the highest mountain in the Alps?
9. “Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you” are the first words of which song?
10. Sydney is in which Australian state?