1. Which actress plays Phoebe in the TV series Friends?
2. Which two countries appeared in the final of the recent Copa America?
3. If your birthday is the 1st January, which star sign are you?
4. The Argentinian ski resort of Las Leñas is in which province?
5. Which layer of the atmosphere is further from the Earth’s surface, the troposphere or the stratosphere?
6. Which is the 4th book in the Harry Potter series?
7. Which multinational electronics company has its headquarters in Eindhoven in the Netherlands?
8. Which animal is typically used to find truffles?
9. How is Pedro Picapiedra better known in English?
10. What do sumo wrestlers traditionally throw into the ring before (and during) a fight?


1. In which country does the international police force Interpol have their headquarters?
2. Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?
3. In which country will the 2011 Rugby World Cup be played?
4. Singer Chris Martin and actress Gwynneth Paltrow have a daughter – what is her name?
5. Which American gangster of the 1920s had the nickname Scarface?
6. In which year did Elvis Presley die?
7. Which is the only US State to have only one syllable?
8. How is ascorbic acid better known?
9. What do the letters IBM stand for?
10. Diana Prince transforms into which superhero?

Round3 – Numbers

1. Nena had the same number of Red Balloons as Jay-Z has problems – how many?
2. How many deadly sins are there?
3. How many countries share a land border with Peru?
4. Complete the film title “The Taking of the Pelham …”
5. How many times has Argentina won the Gold Medal for men’s football at the Olympic Games?
6. How many squares does a chess board have?
7. The US flag has 50 stars, but how many stripes does it have?
8. Which number shirt is most associated with basketball player Michael Jordan?
9. How many legs does an insect have?
10. If you travelled from Lisbon to Berlin, what is the fewest number of countries through which you would travel?


1. True or False: Brazil has a longer coastline than the UK.
2. Only 2 types of mammal lay eggs – name one.
3. Which cyclist won this years Tour de France?
4. In which country is the African city of Timbuktu?
5. In which decade was the Empire State Building constructed?
6. Which group released the album Chinese Democracy in 2008, their first new record in 15 years?
7. Which song opens with the line “Some people call me the space cowboy, some call me the gangster of love”?
8. In the Bible who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver?
9. The coffee chain Starbucks takes its name from a character in which 19th century novel?
10. Which sporting legend was known to his fans as “The Crocodile”?


1. What links Westminster Abbey in London, the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris?
2. 5 James Bond films have one-word titles. Name 3 of them.
3. In Trivial Pursuit which category awards a Yellow Piece of Pie?
4. What is the name of the UK newspaper than was recently closed down due to the phone-hacking scandal?
5. John Pemberton, a chemist in Atlanta invented which drink in 1886?
6. What is the official national sport of Argentina?
7. Which nationality was the composer Chopin?
8. Write the number 546 in roman numerals.
9. Where would you find the smallest bone in the human body?
10. Which classic thriller was set in the Bates Motel?

Tiebreak: How many times is the f-word (and variations) used in the movie Goodfellas?