1. The 10th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks was yesterday – what day of the week was September 11th 2001?
2. Who is the current President of Uruguay?
3. How is the chemical compound CO2 better known?
4. Which 2 colours make up the Austrian flag?
5. In the famous equation E=MC2, what does C stand for?
6. Which song begins with the line “Oíd, mortales, el grito sagrado”
7. Which part of the body is used to tell the age of a horse?
8. How many times did Timothy Dalton star as James Bond?
9. Which epic war movie is based on the short story The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad?
10. The Battle of Waterloo took place in which European country?


1. Which actor’s real name is Carlos Estevez?
2. Sofia is the capital of which Eastern European country?
3. Actress Dolly Parton owns a theme park in Tennessee – what is its name?
4. In which decade did the following take place: The first Wall Street Crash, Charles Lindbergh completed the first solo Atlantic crossing by plane & John Logie Baird invents the Television
5. In the film A Cry in the Dark, Meryl Streep plays a mother whose baby is stolen by a what?
6. In which city is the first Die Hard film set?
7. List in order the top 3 South American countries by population
8. Who was Madonna’s first husband?
9. In which city did the first Hard Rock Cafe open?
10. From which country is the car manufacturer Hyundai?

Round3 – All the Answers are Numbers

1. How many keys does a piano have?
2. How many toes did Marilyn Monroe have?
3. The Rugby World Cup started at the weekend – how many times have hosts New Zealand been champions?
4. How many US States touch the Pacific Ocean?
5. How many numbered slots are there on an American Roulette wheel?
6. In the book & film, how many Dalmations are there?
7. How many members of The Beatles were left-handed?
8. How many strings are on a banjo?
9. In the movie Speed, the bus is set to explode if it falls below what speed in mph?
10. The Bible says a man should live to 3 score years and ten – how old is that?


1. How is the fictional character Henry Jones Jr better known?
2. Which is the 2nd longest river in South America?
3. Which song opens with the line “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair”.
4. Which country currently holds the Olympic Gold in Men’s Football?
5. Eaten in some South American countries, what is cuy?
6. Designed by Argentine architect César Pelli, and the tallest building in the world until 2004, in which Asian city are the Petronas Towers?
7. If a dish is described as “a la Florentine” which vegetable does it contain?
8. Which mountain range runs from Morocco to Tunisia in North Africa?
9. Which European country’s currency is the Zloty?
10. On average, which is heaviest organ in the human body?


1. The city of Resistencia is the capital of which Argentinian province?
2. Which alcoholic drink is made from juniper berries?
3. Which three events make up a Triathlon?
4. Who composed the opera Carmen?
5. My birthday is the 26th June – what star sign am I?
6. True or False, the Equator passes through the Galapagos Islands?
7. South African Gary Player, was a major figure in which sport?
8. Which historical figure was held prisoner on the island of Elba and subsequently died on the island of St Helena?
9. After the elephant which is the 2nd heaviest land mammal?
10. In the film Saving Private Ryan, which actor plays Private Ryan?

Tiebreaker: In km, what is the distance between London Heathrow and Ezeiza?