1. The fans of which teenage singer are known as Beliebers?
2. True or False, the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666?
3. In the movie Dodgeball which sportsman has a cameo giving encouragement to Vince Vaughn’s character at a bar in the airport?
4. Titan is the largest moon of which planet?

5. Which website launched selling a broken laser pointer?

6. As Callao is to 12, Vuelta de Rocha is to?
7. In which city would you find the Hermitage art gallery?

8. According to traditional rules, what color of poker chip has the highest value?

9. Which mosquito bites humans, male or female?

10. Which is the largest body of inland water in the world, classed variously as both a lake and a sea due to 1.2% salinity?


1. Which is the only planet in the Solar System whose name is not derived from Greek or Roman mythology?

2. Which metal used to be so valuable that Napoleon III made forks out of it for his honoured guests, while lesser folk used utensils made from gold?
3. Who wrote the novels East of Eden & Of Mice and Men?

4. Which linguistically important stone was discovered in 1799?

5. The country now known as Burkino Faso was previously called the The Republic of Upper what?

6. Burkino Faso is a former colony of which European country?

7. What North American tourist attraction is moving backwards at a rate of about a foot per year?
8. Which company did George Eastman
found in 1888?
9. Which at-the-time serving Head of State appeared in a 1987 Pizza Hut advert?

10. Which English city did the Beatles come from?
11. Which actor won the Best Actor Oscar in 1997 for his performance in the Italian-language film Life is Beautiful?
12. Which 19th Century novel begins with the line “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”?
13. Which country currently holds the Davis Cup?
14. Founded in the 1700s by George Fox, which movement is also known as the Religious Society of Friends?
15. The 1993 film Cool Runnings follows a bobsled team from which country as they train for the Winter Olympics?
16. Which word links a killer, astrology and a small inflatable boat?
17. What is the capital of Mongolia?
18. Which South American city is the largest in the world which cannot be reached by road?
19. Who succeeded Margaret Thatcher as UK PM?
20. How is film star Marion Morrison better known?
21. Which German city, capital of Saxony, had its entire city centre destroyed during a series of heavy air raids in February 1945?
22. Measuring cycles per second what is the SI unit for frequency?
23. Which Carly Simon song, released in 1972, is thought to have been written about Warren Beatty?
24. In the eponymous Shakespeare play, to whom is Desdemona married?
25. Which Argentine football team play in the Coloso de Victoria?

Round3 – The Jonathan round

1. In 2009 I spent 2 weeks in which city, where I took a picture of Pablo Escobar’s grave?

2. Between 1994 and 1996 I lived in the same city as the headquarters of UNESCO – which one?

3. I saw which band play in a pub in Leicester in 1990 – they went on to create Britpop and played in Buenos Aires in October?

4. In 1993 I met which film star who appeared in his first film in 1928, has made over 130 films and won an Oscar in 1942?
5. I once saw a club football match at the San Siro stadium, which 2 teams share the stadium?
6. I have a cousin who lives in Ketchikan – with a population of 8,000 it is the fourth largest city in which US state?
7. At university I studied which 16th century French author who created the father and son Gargantua and Pantagruel?

8. I used to smoke which brand of cigarettes with the slogan, “It’s Toasted”?
9. I live on Santa Fe & Pueyrredon – which office supplies shop do I live above?

10. In 2005 I went on holiday and arrived at Kingsford-Smith airport
– which city was I in?


1. Which of the following animals has an eyeball larger than its brain? Koala Duck Ostrich or Penguin
2. Which country is bordered by Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria?
3. The first recorded use of OMG (Oh My God/ Goodness) dates from which decade?
4. To within 1 year, how old was Marilyn Monroe when she dies?

5. 3 Argentine provinces end with the letter “O” – name them.

6. In which country was Greta Garbo born?
7. The Ashes is a cricket tournament between England and which other country?
8. Today marks the 95th anniversary of the end of fighting in WWI – which treaty signed in 1919 marked the official end?
9. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah and Method Man are 3 of the members of which hip hop group?

10. Who is the current King of the Netherlands?


1. Justin Bieber

2. True

3. Lance Armstrong

4. Saturn

5. Ebay

6. 64

7. Saint Petersburg

8. Black

9. Female
10. Caspian Sea


1. Earth
2. Aluminium

3. John Steinbeck

4. Rosetta

5. Volta

6. France

7. Niagara Falls

8. Kodak

9. Mikhail Gorbachev

10. Liverpool
11. Roberto Benigni
12. Pride & Prejudice
13. Czech Republic
14. Quakers
15. Jamaica
16. Zodiac
17. Ulan Bator
18. Iquitos
19. John Major
20. John Wayne
21. Dresden
22. Hertz
23. You’re So Vain
24. Othello
25. Tigre


1. Medellin
2. Paris

3. Blur
4. Mickey Mouse

5. AC Milan or Inter
6. Alaska

7. Francois Rabelais

8. Lucky Strike
9. Staples

10. Sydney


1. Ostrich
2. Romania

3. 1910s – letter from Lord Fisher to Churchill

4. 36

5. Chaco, Rio Negro, Santiago del Estero

6. Sweden

7. Australia

8. Versailles

9. Wu Tang Clan

10. Willem-Alexander

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