Stressed at work? Do you feel like the world is on your shoulders? Are you forced to imagine friends for yourself? Or maybe you’ve always harboured a secret desire to try and win free alcohol by dint of otherwise useless pieces of trivia you remember? Well, isn’t this a happy coincidence! The Buenos Aires Pub Quiz returns for June 2015, on the third Monday rather than the second this month, as I’m moving flats and you try researching pub quiz questions without an internet connection for almost a week. Come and shelter from the winter chill (okay, maybe it’s not that cold really), forget work for one evening and make new friends; what could be better? And all for the inflation-busting price of just 15 (fifteen) pesos!

The First Rule of Pub Quiz

The First Rule of Pub Quiz

The rules, if you need reminding of them:

  • Three rounds of 10 general knowledge questions, one alphabet-themed round of 25 questions
  • Teams of up to 6 people allowed
  • AR$15  per person
  • Prizes for the winners and runners-up

The quiz will take place on Monday, 15th June, starting at 7:30pm at La Cigale: 25 de Mayo 597 (corner of Tucumán).

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