April is known as a month of clouds and rain in the UK, and although it’s on the other side of the world Buenos Aires hasn’t disappointed in that regard so far this month. One place it definitely won’t be raining (we hope!) is indoors at La Cigale, so join us on the evening of the 11th April for another thrilling night of trivia, arguments over country populations and Gross National Happiness measurements, and free alcohol (for the two top teams). A reminder that you can now Like us on Facebook – our page is here.

La Cigale

La Cigale

The rules:

  • All questions are in English
  • Three rounds of 10 general knowledge questions, one alphabet-themed round of 25 questions
  • Teams of up to 6 people allowed
  • AR$20 per person
  • Prizes for the winners and runners-up

The quiz will take place on Monday 11th April, starting at 7:30pm at La Cigale: 25 de Mayo 597 (corner of Tucumán).

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