December is almost over, so I’d better get the results of the quiz up! The last pub quiz of 2016 saw a hardy band of stalwarts in attendance, as a mere… oh, hang on, seven teams came out to bid farewell to the year. The Cat’s Whiskers once again lifted the trophy (which is shaped exactly like a bottle of fizzy wine), romping home by three and a half points ahead of Ave Not María, who thus kept Cheese & Fernet out of the prize spaces. I might have a couple of team names mixed up in these photo captions, so if I’ve mislabelled your team, please point it out in the comments and I shall amend!

The Cat’s Whiskers win the last quiz of the year

Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Cat’s Whiskers 9 32 40 48
Ave Not María 10 32½ 36½ 44½
Cheese & Fernet 7 33 37 42
A Team Has No Name* 5 26 30 37
The Last Supper 6 20½ 24½ 27½
The More Bestests 4 17½ 20½ 23½
Hoarders 3 13½ 18½ 20½

*A Team Has No Name were docked a point in round three and a point in round four for playing with an extra player.

Ave Not María celebrate second place (and thanks to Jon of this team for lending me his phone for these photos after I forgot to buy camera batteries!)

Cheese & Fernet

Ave Not María


A Team Has No Name

The Last Supper

Cat’s Whiskers

The More Bestests