To reward regular players, I decided at the start of the year to award a small prize of some sort (I’ve not decided what, yet – it might well be a cheap little trophy a bit like the one above) to the team who at the end of the December quiz have won the most points over the whole of the year. As we’ve now reached the halfway point, I thought it was fair to let you all know the situation as it stands at present. Cat’s Whiskers opened up a big lead with wins in the first four quizzes of the year, but some consistent showings from Cheee & Fernet and Let’s Get Quizzical have whittled that lead down in May and June, and Las Pi’ are also proving a force to be reckoned with. Where scores are level, the Points per Quiz average will be used as the tie-breaker.

I’ve had to use team photos to decide which teams match up to which others for teams who change their names every so often, so if you spot a team near the bottom who you think should have their score combined with one further up, please let me know. Bear in mind I’ll go back and check photos again before following your instructions, so this isn’t just a way to get free points!

Team Quizzes so far Score Points per quiz
Cat’s Whiskers 6 276 46
Cheese & Fernet 6 260.5 43.417
Let’s Get Quizzical* 6 259.5 43.25
Las Pi’ 4 165.5 41.375
The Team Name** 3 105.5 35.167
God Save da Quiz*** 3 98.5 32.833
Hung Like A British Parliament**** 2 93 26.5
Quiz Me Like You Mean It 2 86.5 43.25
A Team Has No Name 2 81.5 40.75
Las Tres Amigas 2 62 31
Team Charlie! 1 47.5 47.5
La Ciénaga 1 40.5 40.5
Team Alternative Fax 1 40.5 40.5
Kanye Repeat The Question? 1 40 40
The Quizzard of Oz 1 39.5 39.5
Formula 1 1 36 36
Fernando & Mike 1 27 27
Los Nutters 1 25 25
Kiwi 1 18.5 18.5

* Also played as Lost Shoe Society and Quizzly Bears
** Also played as Gringos y Yankis
*** Also played as There’s Always a Question About Korea and OCBDBQA’s
**** Also played as Quiz Team Hodges – I think!