The July pub quiz saw five teams fight it out for the right to enjoy some fizzy wine and take home the bragging rights, and although first place was barely in doubt, there was quite a battle for second. Picada Grande! won the month with a very impressive fifty points, with Cat’s Whiskers claiming the runners-up spot a little way behind. Quizzers should be aware that although I’ll be away for the August quiz, it will still be going ahead, as Richard is stepping into the breach to try his hand at Quizmastering.

Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
¡Picada Grande! 10 33 42 50
Cat’s Whiskers 10 30 38 44½
Cheese & Fernet 29 36 43
Let’s Get Quizzical 8 28 36 43
Quiz Me Like You’ll Miss Me 8 25 30 46½


Cat’s Whiskers toast second place

Picada Grande! claimed the win


Cat’s Whiskers

Let’s Get Quizzical

Cheese & Fernet

Picada Grande!

Quiz Me Like You’ll Miss Me