This year, I’ve been totting up the cumulative scores for all of our regular teams, and on Monday night at the end of the December Pub Quiz, I had the pleasure of crowning the inaugural BA Pub Quiz Annual Champions. Cat’s Whiskers took the prestigious Jonathan Evans Memorial Mate (Jonathan, the founding Quizmaster of the BA Pub Quiz, has said he’s honoured at having a trophy named after him), building a comfortable lead early in the year and finishing some way clear of Cheese & Fernet, who stormed past a depleted Let’s Get Quizzical to claim second place in the final quiz of the year.

Cat’s Whiskers became the first team to lift the Jonathan Evans Memorial Mate as 2017 BA Pub Quiz champions. A quote from the victorious team: ‘So, we don’t get any champagne?!’

Next year’s goal for the champions could be breaking the 500 point barrier – although in fairness to them, they (and their two nearest pursuers) would have done so if the August quiz had counted towards these standings. It didn’t, as I was on holiday that month so Richard stepped in. As for teams to watch in 2018? The team who change their name each month and who finished in fifth position started coming along in May, haven’t missed a quiz since, and have the second highest points per quiz (I was measuring these because in the event of a draw, PPQ would have been the tie-breaker). Watch out for them.

In 2018, I’ll try to be more diligent at posting these scores up regularly during the year, so we can see how the table is developing.

Team Quizzes so far Score Points per quiz
Cat’s Whiskers 11 499 45.364
Cheese & Fernet 11 478 43.455
Let’s Get Quizzical* 11 471 42.818
Picada Grande* 7 297 42.429
The team most recently called Santa Empties His Sack Once a Year** 6 270.5 45.083
Las Pi’ 4 165.5 41.375
Quiz Me Like You Mean It*** 3 123 41
The Team Name**** 3 105.5 35.167
God Save Da Quiz***** 3 98.5 32.833
The Other WTO: Weinstein’s Trouser Operations****** 2 80.5 40.25
The Quizzard of Oz******* 2 77.5 38.75
Las Tres Amigas 2 62 31
Team Charlie! 1 47.5 47.5
La Ciénaga 1 40.5 40.5
Team Alternative Fax 1 40.5 40.5
Kanye Repeat The Question? 1 40 40
Quiztina Kirchner 1 37 37
Formula 1 1 36 36
Nachos & Margaritas 1 30 30
Fernando & Mike 1 27 27
Los Nutters 1 25 25
Kiwi 1 18.5 18.5

* Also played as A Team Has No Name.
** This lot changed their name every month.
*** Also played as Quiz Me Like You’ll Miss Me.
**** Also played as Gringos y Yankis.
***** Also played as There’s Always a Question About Korea and OCBDBQA’s.
****** Also played as We’re Not Here To Play, We’re Here To Slay.
******* Also played as The Cunning Linguists.