A combination of the website being down last week, and a busier-than-expected weekend means I wasn’t able to get this post online any earlier; I hope regular quizzers and newcomers will already have been alerted to tonight’s pub quiz via the email list or our Facebook page, where the announcement was made on Friday. In case anyone is checking at the last minute, though: there is a pub quiz tonight! Come along! But do bear in mind that the transport nearby might be a bit chaotic due to the WTO conference going on round the corner – Leandro N. Alem Subte station is closed, for example, so if you’re coming on the B line you’ll have to get off at Florida. Results from the quizzes for the second half of the year, as well as the 2017 overall championship table, will be posted tomorrow. I promise. Going into tonight’s quiz, Cat’s Whiskers have a healthy sixteen point lead over second-placed Let’s Get Quizzical in the latter, with Cheese & Fernet two and a half points back in third.

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The rules:

  • All questions are in English; answers are accepted in English or Spanish
  • Three rounds of 10 general knowledge questions, one alphabet-themed round of 25 questions
  • Teams of up to 6 people allowed (teams with more than 6 players are welcome to play, but will have one point deducted per extra player, per round)
  • AR$20 per person
  • Prizes for the winners and runners-up

The quiz will take place on Monday 11th December, starting at 7:30pm at La Cigale: 25 de Mayo 597 (corner of Tucumán).

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