We’ve made it into another year! If you’re among the hardy bunch of porteños who haven’t fled the concrete heat of Buenos Aires for a balmy beach or the frozen northern hemisphere (or if you’re a tourist who’s mad enough to visit Buenos Aires in January), come on down to the air-conditioned climate of La Cigale on Monday, 8th January for our first trivia fix of 2018. The alphabet round is no more, but there’s still plenty of trivia to go around. It’s also one last chance to play for the price of just AR$20 per person, as next month there will be an increase …

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The rules:

  • All questions are in English; answers are accepted in English or Spanish
  • Five rounds of 10 general knowledge questions
  • Teams of up to 6 people allowed (teams with more than 6 players are welcome to play, but will have one point deducted per extra player, per round)
  • AR$20 per person
  • Prizes for the winners and runners-up

The quiz will take place on Monday 8th January, starting at 7:30pm at La Cigale: 25 de Mayo 597 (corner of Tucumán).

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