The May Pub Quiz was a well-fought affair in which Quizzly Bears claimed an impressive win, being in joint leadership throughout before pipping Cat’s Whiskers and Los Cuises by a single point in the last round. In the tie break, Los Cuises got closer than Cat’s Whiskers to the correct distance between Buenos Aires and the geographic South Pole, and thus took the fizzy wine for second place. See you for the June quiz on the 10th!

Quizzly Bears raise a glass to victory

Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Quizzly Bears 9 19 27 36 44
Los Cuises* 8 17 26 35 43
Cat’s Whiskers 9 18 27 36 43
For Fact’s Sake, We Have More Seconds Than a Fat Kid 8 16 23 32 41
Alpha Whores ft. Your Mother’s Paseo del Bajo 8 17 26 33 38
Cunning Linguists 9 16 24 31 37
The Frogs 6 13 19 26 31
G+G 5 16½ 21½

*Los Cuises took second place by winning the tie break.

Cunning Linguists

Alpha Whores

The Frogs

Cat’s Whiskers

For Fact’s Sake

Los Cuises

Quizzly Bears

Los Cuises toast second place

G+G asked for their photo not to be published. And if I can agree to upload the picture of a plant that looks like a penis which the Cunning Linguists drew during the quiz, then I can certainly agree to that much more reasonable request.