The primary elections are over, but if your brain still has energy left after the mental gymnastics of working out who to cast your vote for, why not come and give it a work out on Monday night at the Buenos Aires Pub Quiz? As ever we’ll have a wide assortment of alcohol, food and trivia, with fizzy wine for the winners and the joy of competing for everyone else. See you there!

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The rules:

  • All questions are in English; answers are accepted in English or Spanish
  • Five rounds of 10 general knowledge questions
  • Teams of up to 6 people allowed (teams with more than 6 players are welcome to play, but will have one point deducted per extra player, per round)
  • AR$45 per person
  • Prizes for the winners and runners-up

The quiz will take place on Monday, 12th August, starting at 7:30pm at La Cigale: 25 de Mayo 597 (corner of Tucumán).

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