The November quiz was closely fought throughout … for second place. But the winners, for what I was surprised to be informed was the first time in two and a half years of trying, were For Fact’s Sake, who stormed home two points clear of second-placed Cat’s Whiskers. In spite of not winning, Cat’s Whiskers still take a forty-eight point lead in the 2019 BA Pub Quiz Championships into the final quiz of the year next month, meaning they need just three points there to secure the coveted 2019 title. That quiz will be taking place on the third Monday in December, because the bar was booked for a big event on the 9th shortly after we finished up on Monday. So see you again there!

For Fact’s Sake claim their maiden win

Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
For Fact’s Sake: The First Wurst 9 18 25 33½ 40½
Cat’s Whiskers 8 16 24 30½ 38½
Les Cuises 7 13 20 27 36
Cunning Linguists 7 13 19½ 26½ 34½
Bernie & The Jets 7 15 19 25½ 32½
Alpha Whores Currently Lacking Our Moral(es) 9 16 21 26 32
Foodies ft. Picada Grande 6 14 21 25 31

Les Cuises

Cunning Linguists

Bernie & The Jets

Alpha Whores

Cat’s Whiskers

The Foodies ft. Picada Grande

For Fact’s Sake


Cat’s Whiskers have to settle for second