1. Who wrote the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
2. Which of the 4 Beatles was the eldest?
3. In the Pixar film Up, what type of animal is Doug?
4. In art, what is a triptych?
5. Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh were the heroes of which action film
6. Which number is considered lucky in Chinese and other Asian cultures?
7. How is singer Paul Hewson better known?
8. Which science fiction film was based on Philip K Dick’s short story Do
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
9. In which Colombian city did Tango God Carlos Gardel die in a plane crash in 1935?
10. How old was Kurt Cobain when he died?
11. What type of musical instrument is a Fender Stratocaster?
12. The Forbidden City is a palace in the centre of which Asian capital city?
13. Of which fictional country is Emerald City the capital?
14. Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of which heavy metal group?
15. Which fictional character grew up at Number 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging?


1. JRR Tolkein
2. Ringo Starr
3. (Talking) Dog
4. 3 panelled painting
5. Lethal Weapon
6. 8
7. Bono
8. Blade Runner
9. Medellin
10. 27
11. Electric guitar
12. Beijing
13. The Land of Oz
14. Iron Maiden
15. Harry Potter