1. What is the name for a word or sentence that reads the same backwards or forwards?
2. “Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you” are the first words of which song?
3. The theme music to which US TV show is entitled “Suicide is Painless”
4. Which country won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest?
5. Bernard Sumner is the lead singer of which group?
6. Which newspaper do Clark Kent & Lois Lane work for?
7. Who is the author of the Argentine comic strip Mafalda?
8. In Trivial Pursuit which category awards a Green Piece of Pie?
9. How is musician Robert Zimmerman better known?
10. Which hand beats which in Poker, a Full-House or a (non-straight) Flush?
11. By what name are musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter collectively known?
12. Which Shakespeare play is referred to as “The Scottish Play”?
13. Which novel, published in 1962 has a main character called Alex and is written in a slang version of English called Nadsat?
14. Which is Homer Simpson’s favourite brand of beer?
15. True or False – Paul Macartney’s first name is James


1. Palindrome
2. Wonderwall
4. Azerbaijan
5. New Order
6. Daily Planet
7. Quino
8. Science & Nature
9. Bob Dylan
10. Full House
11. Daft Punk
12. Macbeth
13. A Clockwork Orange
14. Duff
15. True