1. How many US Presidents are carved into Mount Rushmore?
2. True or False: Actor Keanu Reeves is also a professional stamp dealer
3. Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider & Richard Dreyfuss all star in which 1970s blockbuster movie?
4. What is each cat owned by the Simpsons called?
5. Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands are better known as Brothers. Which ones?
6. Who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood?
7. In Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, who is the factory’s owner?
8. In which city is author & playwright Oscar Wilde buried?
9. In which Scottish city is the book & film “Trainspotting” based?
10. Canaletto is famous for paintings of London & which other European city?
11. In which US city did Johnny Cash sing about killing a man just to watch him die?
12. The phrase “Oh my God, they killed Kenny” comes from which TV show?
13. In video games what do the letters GTA stand for?
14. In Greek mythology which name is given to the creature that is half man half bull?
15. Which film tells of the adventures of a couple who have 3 children called Violet, Dash & Jack-Jack?


1. Four
2. False
3. Jaws
4. Snowball
5. Chemical Brothers
6. Winnie The Pooh
7. Willy Wonka
8. Paris
9. Edinburgh
10. Venice
11. Reno
12. South Park
13. Grand Theft Auto
14. Minotaur
15. The Incredibles