1. What is the name of the UK newspaper closed down in summer 2011 due to the phone-hacking scandal?
2. Which nationality was the composer Chopin?
3. Which classic thriller was set in the Bates Motel?
4. Which song begins with the line “Oíd, mortales, el grito sagrado”?
5. How many times did Timothy Dalton star as James Bond?
6. Which epic war movie is based on the short story The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad?
7. Which actor’s real name is Carlos Estevez?
8. Actress Dolly Parton owns a theme park in Tennessee – what is its name?
9. In the film A Cry in the Dark, Meryl Streep plays a mother whose baby is stolen by a what?
10. In which city is the first Die Hard film set?
11. Who was Madonna’s first husband?
12. In which city did the first Hard Rock Cafe open?
13. How many keys does a piano have?
14. In the book & film, how many Dalmations are there?
15. How many members of The Beatles were left-handed?


1. News of the World
2. Polish
3. Psycho
4. Argentine National Anthem
5. Twice
6. Apocalypse Now
7. Charlie Sheen
8. Dollywood
9. A dingo
10. Los Angeles
11. Sean Penn
12. London
13. 88
14. 101
15. 2 (Paul & Ringo)