1. Which famous comic actor died on Christmas Day in 1977?
2. In the movie Speed, the bus is set to explode if it falls below what speed in mph?
3. The Bible says a man should live to 3 score years and ten – how old is that?
4. How is the fictional character Henry Jones Jr better known?
5. Which song opens with the line “On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair”?
6. Who composed the opera Carmen?
7. In the film Saving Private Ryan, which actor plays Private Ryan?
8. In which film do Scarlett Johannsen and Bill Murray stay in the same hotel in Tokyo?
9. How wrote the opera The Magic Flute?
10. Which artist is famous for his “Blue Period”?
11. Which musical instrument does Bill Clinton play?
12. Which actor played Conan the Barbarian in the first version?
13. Who played the President in the film “Air Force One”?
14. A 6th category of Nobel Prize was added to the original list in 1968 – in which field is it awarded?
15. Which month and year did Tango singer Carlos Gardel die?


1. Charlie Chaplin
2. 50
3. 70
4. Indiana Jones
5. Hotel California
6. Bizet
7. Matt Damon
8. Lost In Translation
9. Mozart
10. Picasso
11. Saxophone
12. Arnold Schwarzenegger
13. Harrison Ford
14. Economics
15. June 1935