25 questions, each one beginning with a different letter of the alphabet, A to Z excluding X. Each letter only appears once and they are not in order.

1. Which French newspaper shares a name with the main character in a Mozart opera?
2. What was the family name of the main baddies in the Back to the Future series?
3. Which large primate found in Borneo and Sumatra is known by locals as The Old Man of the Woods?
4. Fictional reporter Borat was from which country?
5. Which Greek socialite started a news website which last year sold to AOL for $315million?
6. In football, which team won this years European Championship?
7. Stephane Grapelli and Yehudi Menuhin were both well-known for playing which instrument?
8. By which name was Ho Chi Minh City formerly known?
9. Which sport, similar to Handball, has 7 players per team (including a goalkeeper) and has been an Olympic sport since 1900?
10. Which character in the Bible was swallowed by a “great fish”?
11. Of which European country is Tirana the capital?
12. Which rock group released the album A Day at the Races in 1976?
13. Which member of the cow family is native to the high plateaus of Tibet and Mongolia?
14. Which country is an archipelago of over 17,000 islands and shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia?
15. Which famous avenue in Germany takes its name from the lime trees growing along it?
16. Of which religion is US Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney a follower?
17. What was the name of the computer that beat Chess Master Garry Kasparov over a series of 6 games in 1997?
18. Which chemical element is represented by the letter K?
19. Robert Mugabe is the president of which African country?
20. In which city were the 196o Summer Olympics held?
21. Which planet was named after a God of the Sea?
22. Which make of car is the luxury brand from Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota?
23. Which is the best known product of Canadian company Research in Motion?
24. By what name were Hitler’s Secret Police force better known?
25. Which member of the retired Space Shuttle fleet was delivered last week to its new home at the Intrepid Sea and Air Museum in New York?


1. Figaro
2. Tannen
3. Orangutan
4. Kasakhstan
5. Huffington, Ariana
6. Chelsea
7. Violin
8. Saigon
9. Water Polo
10. Jonah
11. Albania
12. Queen
13. Yak
14. Indonesia
15. Unten den Linden
16. Mormon
17. Deep Blue
18. Potassium
19. Zimbabwe
20. Rome
21. Neptune
22. Lexus
23. Blackberry
24. Gestapo
25. Enterprise